Swan chair Orange Wool

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  • Replica of famous designer chair
  • Covered with high quality fabric
  • Rotatably mounted on metal base


There's five year warranty on this product.


Available colors: Red, Orange, Yellow, Pink, Purple, Olive, Blue, Mustard, Olive-green and Black

Replica designer armchair

The Swan Chair chair is one of the original design classics, where this is a reproduction of the design by Arne Jacobsen in the last century. The chair fits in many interiors such a tight living room but also good in a business lounge. 

About the Swan

The comfortable Swan chair excels in both beauty and comfort. And for all this he takes only minimal space in the interior where you want to apply it. The designer armchair has a nice solid is, is completely (180 degrees) rotatable, and its timeless design Arne Jacobsen style and fit this chair in almost any interior. It fits in a residential area in both a sleek interior as eyecatcher and a traditional interior he is also good dividends. Business is good in a lounge chair in the office, but also in a lounge, waiting room or reception area. The friendly, yet elegant look is therefore widely applicable.

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