EA117 Budget Mesh Office chair

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  • To design known classic
  • With moveable wheels under a foot
  • Seating and seat height adjustable
  • Netweave / Mesh lining
  • Frame of solid metal


There's 2 year warranty on this chair.


Available colors: Black

Cheap office chair

The budget EA117 Office Chair is a cheaper version of the EA117 design mesh office chair with a similar shape and the same netweave upholstery. It is a comfortable and yet elegant office chair, which gives a spatial idea by its semi-transparent coating.

Affordable Mesh office chair

Mesh (or netweave) office chairs are very popular because the woven mesh partly by visible, it looks sleek and it gives a spatial image, which can come in especially dark or small offices. Pass The upholstery is tightly stretched between the metal parts of the frame, and is very comfortable to sit on. It is also maintenance free and easy to clean. The chair design is reminiscent of the famous classics from the last century. But the chair is slightly simpler executed so the price is also affordable. The price / quality ratio of this chair is therefore very good.
Diameter Footcross (cm): 63
Seat height min/max (cm): 42/50
Seat depth (cm): 46
Back height (cm): 43
Seat width min/max (cm): 41/49
Height armrest (cm): 20
Length armrest (cm): 35
Weight (kg): ---
Warranty: 2 years
Box size (L x W x H cm): ---
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