DAW Eames Design Chair Blue

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Features DAW chair blue

  • Reproduction of design chair
  • Seat in high quality ABS plastic
  • According to original design by Charles Eames
  • Legs of chair made of birch wood
  • Color: Blue (multiple options)


Like all our products this chair has a two year warranty.


Available in 7 shades of blue. These are:

  • Pastel Baby Blue (#41) - Pantone color code PMS 278c
  • True Blue (#42) - Pantone color code PMS 299c
  • Lilac Blue (#43) - Pantone color code PMS 2708c
  • Water Blue (#44) - Pantone color code PMS 2925c
  • Sky Blue (#45) - Pantone color code PMS 2985c
  • Turquoise Blue (#46) - Pantone color code PMS 319c
  • Petrol Blue (#47) - Pantone color code PMS 308c

If you select a color option in the menu up top, you will see the product image will change to the chair of your color of choice. Check out the complete Pantone color table here. The DAW is available in 35 colors.

About the blue Eames DAW chair

This famous chair comes from a variety of timeless designs for chairs, office chairs and armchairs for the hand of his partner a world famous furniture designer. This model has a solid and comfortable seat that whole (including armrests) is made of high quality ABS plastic. The chassis is very elegant and the legs are made of beech wood. This dining chair is also called. A design classic.

Specifications DAW Blue

Specification Value Explanation
Seat height 44 cm Floor to top of middle of horizontal plane (min/max)
Seat width 36 - 44 cm Maximal width of seat (min/max)
Seat depth 44 cm Depth of the seat
Total width 63 cm Total width of the chair
Back height 82 cm Floor to top of backrest (min/max)
Height armrest 68 Floor to top of armrest (min/max)
Seat material ABS The material the plastic seat is made of
Frame material Birch wood Materials used in the legs and undercarriage of the chair

Assembly instruction 

Reviews of this product


The DAW chair in the color blue has been purchased by many of our happy customers. It fits in with almost every interior design style. Add your own review under the Reviews tab.

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To colorpicker and quantity

Seat height min/max (cm): 44 cm
Seat width min/max (cm): 36 - 44 cm
Total width (cm): 63 cm
Seat depth (cm): 44 cm
Back height (cm): 82 cm
Height armrest (cm): 68
Warranty: 2 years
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